St Mary's

Our services seek to be reverential, accessible and evangelistic, with a style of worship which is open and catholic.

The main Sunday service (10.30 am) is always a communion service accompanied by organ and robed choir; or on the first Sunday of the month by instruments and a worship group.

St Marys at duskOn the first Sunday evening of the month there is a Taizé style service at 6pm. “The exchange with God becomes real for us in prayer: by his Holy Spirit, God comes to dwell within us. By his word and by the sacraments, Christ gives himself to us. In return, we can surrender everything to him.” Brother Alois, Letter from Cochabamba. We offer you the opportunity to be at one with God at the end of a busy weekend. Taizé prayer is composed of repetitive singing of songs in English, Latin or other languages, of readings taken from the Bible and the Psalms and of meditative prayer.

Developing from a small beginning this service offers an opportunity for singers, musicians and for those with other skills to join and take part. We welcome people from all areas, not just from our Parish and offer this service for all those in Southampton and its surrounding areas.

Choral evensong, accompanied by St Mary’s Singers, takes place on the last Sunday of the month at 5.00 pm.

Sermons, reflective and relevant, are preached at most services.

Throughout the year we have a range of special services, not least at the Festivals in the Church’s calendar.

We are a very cosmopolitan congregation with an international flavour, seeking to encourage all member ministry and welcoming all who approach us.

Children are always welcome to sit in our Services or to go to the creche. We have just started a young church for different ages.